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Why You’ll Love Ceramic & Porcelain Tile

For undeniable elegance and a timeless feel, ceramic and porcelain tile allow homeowners to design unique spaces with visual interest and reliable performance. Gorgeous tile options have been used for centuries to create breath-taking rooms, from floors to counters and backsplashes, and Floors By Roberts in Appleton, WI has the colors, finishes, and textures to elevate your inspired home! With impressive durability and easy maintenance, tile floors are as valuable as they are attractive. No matter which style catches your eye the most, here are a few key reasons that we believe you’ll love ceramic and porcelain tile.

Durable Construction

Both ceramic and porcelain tile have a durable construction that can handle the activity in your home with ease. Ceramic tile is composed of clay, minerals, and water, and it comes in glazed and unglazed options. Unglazed tiles will provide hardness, density, and slip resistance, but they require sealing in order to offer stain resistance. Finished in matte, semi-gloss, and high-gloss options, glazed ceramic tiles will offer superior stain resistance. Fired at much higher temperatures than ceramic tile and featuring up to 50% feldspar, porcelain tile is the hardest and densest on the market. In addition to being non-porous and scratch-resistant, porcelain tile has color all the way through and can withstand extreme temperatures. Under normal circumstances, tile floors will serve your family for decades with beauty and durability.

Inherent Water Resistance

When it comes to a home with kids and pets, a waterproof floor is nothing short of a lifesaver. Thankfully, tile floors offer outstanding water resistance and will not become damaged from prolonged exposure to water, spills, or pet accidents. Simply wipe up any standing liquid and carry on with your daily life! Although ceramic tile will vary in the level of slip and moisture resistance according to its finish, porcelain tile is essentially impermeable to liquid and is even suitable for commercial applications. For the areas in your home that will see increased moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms, tile is an absolutely perfect fit. Select the finish and construction to suit your household conditions and enjoy your stress-free tile surfaces.

Tremendous Design Capability

From coin-sized mosaics to massive planks and squares, ceramic and porcelain tile is produced in wide-ranging sizes for vast design options. Your tile layout can be as simple or as complex as you prefer, with highly popular mixed and patterned layouts available when needed. Whether you love sleek, large format tiles in a modern living room or small tiles laid out in a mosaic pattern in an entryway or foyer, tile is perfect for creating transitional visual interest in an open floor plan. Engaging geometric shapes or patterned tile are eye-catching and chic. You can find every color imaginable, and finishes run from flat and matte to high-gloss, glass, and jeweled. It’s even worth investigating tile flooring engineered to emulate natural marble and actual hardwood. The design possibilities are virtually endless!

Easy to Clean

Both ceramic and porcelain tile options will prove as easy to care for as they are to look at! Tile floors naturally resist stains and spills and will withstand scratches as well as they do foot traffic. As a homeowner, your main objective will be to remove sand, dirt, and abrasive particles from the surface which can easily be achieved with regular sweeping and by using rugs and mats by all entrances. A microfiber duster will lift dust and pet hair easily, and you can spot clean any marks or spills with a sponge and clean cloth when needed! Your easy tile care and maintenance routine will certainly be one of the biggest reasons why you’ll love your tile floors.

We’re ready to help you explore all the dazzling shapes, shades, and striking varieties of ceramic and porcelain tile at our showroom in Appleton, WI. Bring your favorite ideas to our flooring experts and we can help you craft one-of-a-kind spaces full of timeless beauty and creative inspiration!

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